Owl Birthday Party

My 'baby', Madelyn Soleil turned 3 on November 24th. (I guess she's not my baby for long, as the new little one is due to arrive in one month!) She had decided on an owl 'birfday' party long ago, and I was a happy Momma as I planned her party. I LOVE that she loves owls, just like me! I made her birthday shirt, and finished it around 11pm the night before her party, talk about cutting it close ;)

The invitations. I found inspiration on Pinterest HERE.

My three girlies helped with a little party prep the day before the party.

My sweet sister also came to the rescue ;) After sending her an 'sos' text pleaing for help, she came over to help me with some of my crazy ideas. Baby #4 was sucking every last bit of energy out of me and I guess suddenly I realized I'd need a little help...I love my sister!!!

Marshmallow Pops!

Owl cupcakes & acorns. We dipped donut holes in icing and then in sprinkles and stuck a pretzel in the end. Another idea I saw on Pinterest, but mine turned out quite a bit different ;)

Here's a pic of Madelyn's colorful birthday flowers & muffins for the momma's. I had planned on waking up bright & early to have fresh homemade muffins for the party but Tim Hortons insisted on taking care of that for me...how nice.


Some of the party guests!

The birthday girl enjoying a marshmallow pop.

Sweet cousin Hudson picked his owl shirt for the party, lovingly made by Auntie Amber, of course :) Last year at Madda's puppy party he was appropriately dressed too.

The contents for the treat bags. I started working on these one Saturday afternoon and after 2+ hours they still weren't finished!! I had NO idea it would be so much work, but Madelyn's reaction to them made it all worth it. She loved them!

I traced out all of the circles and most of the other paper parts & cut them out...it was certainly a labor of love, and I KNOW there are paper punches for these kind of things. But Madelyn happily handed them out to her party guests, and it was fun for her to stare at these treat bags day after day while we waited for the party day ;)

My birthday girl.

Studying her new gifts.

And, one last picture of the birthday girl tired out after the party!!


  1. LOVE IT!!! Our youngest loves owls as do I, and I can`t wait to use some of your ideas for her birthday....hopefully she still loves them in year, :)

  2. Such sweet ideas. I love how you kept it simple. It is so easy to go overboard, especially with all the wonderful inspiration on Pinterest and the internet!

  3. I always love partying with kids. Never miss a chance to attend any. My sisters always look for Chicago venues near her place for birthday parties of both her pretty daughters. Be it a luncheon, brunch, tea party or a dinner. Looking forward for her anniversary party next month.