Kitchen Project!

First of all, I want to thank you all for being patient with me as I take some time off while waiting for baby #4!! With 17 days until due date, I am definitely anxious to meet the little one who will be joining our family! But also nervous about the how/what/where/when's of Baby E's arrival, as all Momma's can relate to :) To keep myself occupied, and stay sane during this crazy nesting period, I have made a fun 'to-do' list that is a mile long and things are being checked off daily...

The latest project was my kitchen back splash!!

When we were anticipating moving into our house last April, we had intentions of getting nearly everything finished before we moved in. Well. One day (just before we moved in) I was gonna show someone the tile I bought for my kitchen and I couldn't find the boxes! I asked my husband bout them and he sheepishly told me that he had moved them to the attic. Ok then. Apparently after custom tiling our master bathroom he was all 'tiled-out' and said the kitchen back splash would be a project for next winter. I was a little disappointed, as I could easily see the so-called 'next winter tiling project' be one of those things that took years & years to take place ;) day last week Erik surprised me by starting on the project, proving he's a man who is true to his word!

I am very happy with how it turned out...he did such a good job!!

My kitchen feels like a whole new kitchen again, and I'm back to shining the appliances (which I did constantly after we moved in, then that sort of petered out....) and cleaning up every crumb (although that may have to be thanks in part to the previously mentioned nesting stage!)

The kitchen window is just waiting for some faux Roman Blinds. I have the fabric and everything and I found a website that shows how to make some no-sew blinds. They don't need to be functional, as I have never once felt the need to have blinds on that window. I think they will finish the window off nicely, as I'm going to hang them just underneath the ceiling and they'll stop just below the top of the window casing.

The other side of the kitchen. Still looking for a suitable desk chair!

And, my 'new' kitchen has been a fun place to experiment with smoothies lately! My girls & I have been having fun concocting all kinds of fruit smoothies. I make special ones for myself though, by adding a few handfuls of spinach in attempts to boost my iron level.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have found lots of ideas, as far as smoothies go. I have even been freezing them and putting them in my oldest daughters lunches. By noon they have thawed the perfect amount and she is loving this fun treat in her lunch kit. I have to add, I am still loving making school lunches!! Hailey loves taking leftovers and re-heating them, and on the days when there are no left overs from supper she is perfectly happy with a peanut butter & honey sandwich or a ham & cheese sandwich. She's not hard to please! I love making her healthy lunches, and we are certainly on the same page about treats...they are ok once in a while, but the healthy foods are what makes our brains work extra good :) I definitely need to think about that more with what I put into my mouth throughout the day!!

Thanks again, SO MUCH, for your patience as I'm on my little break from my Etsy shop! Don't forget to check out the 'ready-to-ship' listings if you want something Cotton Cupcake :) I'm not too sure what life will look like with 3 small children and a newborn, but I hope to get back to custom birthday shirts & personalized hats eventually!!


  1. gorgeous. your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love your light fixture above the island! where is it from?

  2. Thanks Elissa! The light fixture above the island was one of the 'splurges' I allowed myself in our house. It's from West Elm.

  3. That's what I thought! West Elm-- a good splurge if you ask me!

  4. Lovin' the double oven!

    You have a beautiful kitchen. You 2 make a great team!

  5. Your kitchen looks amazing! I love it! Hope you are the new little one are doing well!

  6. Beautiful kitchen Amber. I also love the crib all ready for baby E!

  7. Hi Amber,
    I'm a friend of Carly Enns and I saw your shoppe on a link on her page. I was led to the beautiful stuff you make and then your beautiful kitchen. I see you are expecting soon so no rush in an answer, but I was wondering if you could email me some details about your cupboards. We are in the process of selecting the shade of white/offwhite we want for our cabinets and are overwhelmed with options for cupboards. Can you tell me info on the product that you went with and the material that was used/what company you used? It looks breathtaking in the pictures. You have great taste! If you can, could you email me @ Thanks so much!

  8. Hello I love your kitchen! I was wondering what your counter top is. Thanks

  9. What color gray is that? I love it:)