Crafty Goodness

Yesterday my daughters and I
gathered around the table
with a whole bunch of craft 'stuff'

'Stuff' that would soon be made
into pretty things.

I let them glue
and color
and stick stickers
and tie
and bend pipe cleaners
and color
and pom-pom
and thread beads
until their little hearts were content.

After they had lost interest
(which, to my surprise,
was much earlier than I had anticipated!)
I started creating these
turquoise Christmas trees.

How festive!

Close up.

They are a pretty decoration in our living room now.
I used foam cones, wrapped yarn around them,
applied green & red buttons with the glue gun,
and created a pipe cleaner star and
used pom-poms to top the other 2 trees.
It was my first time working with yarn. FUN!

Then we made some clips.
We were hoping to give them away as
little gifts this Christmas, but I used the
wrong kind of glue and
the buttons pop off very easily :(
Sigh. Better luck next time.

Madelyn's 3rd birthday is coming up
later this month
and I got started on some birthday invites.
I hope you can tell that those are owls ;)
I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (here)
But I made my own version of it.
Madelyn was pleased as punch!

Lots of fun was had,
lots of messes were made,
and can't wait to be more intentional
about craft times in the future!


  1. I love the Christmas trees! I wish I was crafty.

  2. Thanks! Aw, you CAN be crafty too!! A few years ago I wouldn't have said I was a crafty person, but I've really gotten into it in the last while :) The trees are really fun to make(and easy! my kind of craft!) should try it!!

  3. love the paint colour in your living room and the entertainment unit! can i ask where you got it from and what the paint colour name/number is? thx! :)
    taraz9 at excite dot com