**NEW** and WINNER!

Introducing my newest creation:
Vintage Inspired Baby Hats!!
Enjoy this chic & unique version of my popular baby knot hats! The beautiful handmade flower, with neatly frayed edges, is lovingly hand crafted and made complete with a perfectly matching button. You can check them out HERE!

And, since I was having so much fun making the little button flowers, I decided to add some fun clips to my shop! You can check those out HERE in the "Sweet Little Extra's" section :)

And, last but not least, the winner of this "Cotton Cupcake" onesie is Jona!! She said: "I have to pick just one, that's hard but I would say I would pick it for my new little Isabella that's on the way she already has a wonderful wardrobe from you why not make it bigger!"

Thanks to everyone for entering!

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