Another Giveaway!

I have finally decided on a new logo!!
This one suits me perfectly.
It's just so 'me' and I love Kathy's work...
(PS - you can find her here: The Modern Polkdot)

Since this new image makes me so happy,
I'd love to have a little giveaway!!

For a chance to win:
leave me a comment and let me know
which little person in your life would love
to wear a Cotton Cupcake shirt :)

Looking forward to hearing from you --
I will pick a winner in a few days!!
And, one more thing...
my ETSY SHOP will be bursting with
fun & exciting creations in the New Year,
so don't forget to check back for a full shop!!


  1. Oh Amber it's lovely. I think my new favorite baby Greta would be adorable in this. :)

  2. My Granddaughter loves the shirts she has from the Cotton Cupcake! This would be great to add to her collection! Thank you for the wonderful treats!

  3. My niece would love to get this shirt for Christmas from her favorite auntie, uncle and cousin!

  4. I think Emery would look lovely in a Cotton Cupcake Shoppe shirt :)

  5. I think my God-daughter Jersie Marie would be adorable in this shirt, and since I"m a new fan what not a better way to test out your products than a freebie to start off with :) I'll have to start spreading the word about your business! :)

  6. I have to pick just one, that's hard but I would say I would pick it for my new little Isabella that's on the way she already has a wonderful wardrobe from you why not make it bigger!

  7. My daughter would love this she LOVES the "Little Big Sister" shirt you made her!

    Sharla Davey

  8. The little person in my life who would love to wear this is the baby I am currently carrying :) I see a variety of CCS clothing in his/her future!


  9. Love the new logo!! I think my little niece would look so cute in it!!!

  10. My little Molly of course! She'll be 6 months next week. mindiwilson (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. My son would look really cute in this!

  12. My adorable fashion forward niece would love to rock this shirt and add it to all the other ones that you have made for her!
    Deanna Lacapra

  13. very cute, I think my daughter Sydney would love it!!!

  14. My daughter would really love this shirt, she's a cupcake herself! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    yumihamano at gmail dot com

  15. my son!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  16. How about the one in my belly? We wouldn't need it until April then. :)

    Nice logo - I loved so many of them, but I think choosing one with lots of white makes it look so fresh and clean. Good work. :)

    kari-ann (at) live (dot) ca

  17. very nice! my daughter, kalia, would definitely love it!

  18. Hi Amber,
    Yay! You have a blog, I didn't know! This is the logo I would have chosen for you if I had seen the earlier post. I would (of course) choose one for my niece Kara. Congrats on such a successful venture. Color me jealous! Merry Christmas!
    Renae (from Etsy)