Entrance Tour

Some of you have been asking to see more house pictures! And some of you have been asking all kinds of questions about the little glimpse of my entrance that I showed on facebook. I'd like to give you the grand tour of our entrance...since it's the only room that is completely decorated and DONE :)

Walls: Sea Haze, Benjamin Moore
Ceiling: Blue Box, from Sarah Richardson's paint line

Rugs: Home Sense

I heart etsy.

The shelf is from Old New Again. Their shelves have been on my Etsy 'favorites' list for a long time and I love how the aqua shelf ties in so well with the ceiling color!

Mirror: Rona
Bench: Walmart (of all places!)

The gorgeous custom print is from Parada Creations, an Etsy shop I came across and absolutely love! Susana is a joy to work with and she made each of the wee birdies a custom color for my three girls. Keeping in mind their favorite colors, Hailey is the pink birdie, Jayda is turquoise and Madelyn, my littlest birdie, is purple.

I purchased the owl a few years ago-- on Etsy, HERE.

The other corner ;)

The art on the wall is a carved wood piece that a dear friend gave me for Christmas a few years ago. You can find it, and many other beautiful pieces, on Etsy here: ELWoodworks.

And, the other corner:
Coat Rack: Pier 1

I heart birds. Well, I heart bird things.
It's kind of funny, because I don't really like 'real' birds.
From a distance they are alright, but I don't like them to come too close!

Another peek at a bird that now lives in our entrance.

And some more birds. This is actually a table runner (from Pier 1), but for now it serves as a coat-rack-embellishment of sorts ;) Who am I kidding, most times there are plenty of jackets covering it, hee hee.

A close-up of the pillow on the bench (also from Pier 1). I covered the cushion on the bench with fabric from one of my favorite online fabric shops, Tonic Living (although for now the fabric is just neatly tucked under the cushion, I need to make a proper cover yet!) So, there you have it. A tour of my entrance and a little glimpse into what I've been keeping busy with lately. Hope you enjoyed it!!

And, on a completely different note, here is a photo of my daughters and I on Mother's Day! God has blessed me with these precious gifts and I am so thankful to be their Momma!!


  1. wow, your house is just so amazing!!! you have such a knack for decorating and color!! thanks so much for taking pics of our shelf in your gorgeous home! xo liz

  2. I love the entrance. Let's see the rest of the house. ;)