Back In Business!!


I just re-opened my shop, after about a 2 month 'vacation'!! I wasn't on any grand or exotic vacation, but I DID manage to move me & my family into a new house!! There are still plenty of boxes to unpack, but my workshop is ready to go, so what better time to re-open The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe! I'm very excited to start stitching again :)

I'd love for you to help spread the word. Here's what I'm thinking...
1)The first 15 people to respond to this 'contest' will get a special Cotton Cupcake treat mailed out to them, for free!! My thanks to you!

2)I will post 5 tasks below, pick TWO of them and then COMPLETE the task.

3)After completing 2 tasks of your choice, send me an e-mail ( and let me know which tasks you performed! Simple as that!!

Here are the tasks, remember,
you choose TWO:

Task #1) On your Facebook page, announce on your status that The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe is open for business and link back my Etsy page:

Task #2)On Facebook, go to The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe's page and hit 'suggest to friends'. Please tell a minimum of 20 people. I'd love for your friends to be fans of my page :)

Task #3)Send an e-mail to friends and/or family who you think would be interested in my creations! Include links to my Etsy shop and to my facebook page.

Task #4)On your blog, make a short post and tell your readers about The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe. Include links to my Etsy shop and to my facebook page.

Task #5) On Twitter, tweet about your favorite Cotton Cupcake Shoppe creation, make sure to link back to my shop AND include me in the tweet (@CottonCupcake28)

I'd love for you to help me get the word out :) Thank-you kindly!! I'll be waiting for those e-mails and I'm excited to send out some freebies!!


  1. I shared about you on facebook, announced that you were open in my status, And sent out an email to all my mommy friends!! I'm so glad you are open again!!

  2. Thanks Jona :) You are so kind!!! Send me an e-mail and we can work out the details for your prize (

  3. Shared on fb, and emailed friends with your link in the email!!

  4. oh! I emailed/blogged - hope I'm a 1st 15! I emailed the cottoncupcake as well to let you know!

  5. glad you're open for biz! tweeted and posted on facebook, will also share with fb friends because everything so cute. Expect and order from me tonight as well...heheh

  6. I am so happy your open again. Love your stuff. It was not hard at all to share about your opening on facebook and email! Can't wait to place my next order!

  7. Hi Amber - I put it on my status on Facebook and tweeted -!/rlelsdon/status/71429322723962880. Would love to win something by you! Rayna

  8. I shared the news on facebook and sent out e-mails to friends! I also e-mailed you at:

  9. Ok Amber

    I posted on my wall AND sent out a share the page msg...could not find the suggest to friend button :(

  10. Oh man. I hope it's a vintage inspired button flower! Because I went to look for them tonight and can't find them. *fingers crossed*

  11. Thanks to everyone for your participation :) :) This went over REALLY well! I'm happy to have such wonderful people supporting me & my little shoppe!!