Happy Monster

My middle daughter is so silly.
Well, all 3 of my daughters are silly in some ways,
but this post is about daughter #2.

First of all, she's 2 years old.
And we all know 2 year olds are
"special" people

Right now she is in LOVE with happy monsters.
She has one pair of pajamas
that she insists on wearing.
A lot.

Since she can't wear pajamas in public
all of the time

I made her a 'happy monster' shirt to remedy the problem.
She likes it.
And I like that she has some wardrobe options now!!


  1. Very cute- my granddaughter is 3 and is a silly Happy Monster herself. She would love your shirt!

  2. Aww you are the best mom for being able to make her such a cute wearable solution! :)

  3. Thanks sweetpeabyjk!

    Leah - Believe me, I didn't think of this right away. One day it just clicked "hey! i could MAKE her a shirt" ;)