Another Contest!!

A free BABY HAT will be awarded
to the person who correctly guesses
how many
Cotton Cupcake orders
I've done since Oct.10/09
(a period of 4 months!)

Here are the rules:
*You can have 3 guesses!

*The first person to guess the number
correctly will win OR the person to first
guess the closest number!
AND...the winner will be announced
on February 14th, so there is plenty of time for guesses!

To make your guesses, go to my facebook page:

Good luck!!

PS -
Here's a hint:
this isn't only my etsy orders,
this is the TOTAL orders in 4 months!


  1. Its a really beautiful cap i like it. thanks for sharing us.

  2. Okay I went to your facebook page and can't find where to do the guesses. Truth be known, I don't think I have every truly gotten the hang of facebook.
    Guess one: 43
    Guess two: 143
    Guess three: feathers
    Okay I don't know why feathers came blurting out as a guess but I'll let it stand. :)
    Thanks Amber for the opportunity, and as usual, your work is gorgeous. Almost makes me want to have a baby, almost.

  3. Cotton Yarn Manufacturer - Thanks!!

    Gwen - Hee hee, you make me laugh! Feathers!!