Monkey Business

It's so much fun when customers have
their own ideas and I get to
work with them to
create a custom shirt!

"Mommy's Lil' Monkey" came about because the baby growing in his/her Mommy's tummy has the nicname of 'monkey'.

And, the other two shirts are for twin boys - I can't take any credit for this design concept:
One monkey
plus one monkey
Clever, I thought!!

These are just a few of the custom orders that I have been creating as of late! People have some great ideas and I am honored to be able to help them out with something totally custom!

Do you have something in mind?
I'd love to bring your ideas to life too :)


  1. The last shirt is Quinton's! Thanks a lot turned out great!

  2. Those monkeys are SO cute :) Great work!

  3. Hi!! I LOVE your Etsy shop!! I found out about it through the Glimpse Review Giveaway. I was in your shop and noticed your VW Bug personalized shirt. My nephew LOVES "buggies" (thanks to me)... but he is 4. Are you able to print a bug shirt for a toddler? I would absolutely LOVE to get him one with his name on it! (just curious!) :) Thanks!