What About ME?!

It happens all the time. To you, to me, even to the nice neighbor lady down the street. We kindly bring over a gift for the new baby and the older sibling stares longingly at the gift bag, hoping one of these times the present will be for him/her.

That's how my line of "Big Sister / Big Brother" shirts was born. I wanted that older siblings eyes to light up when they realize there IS a gift for them too!! Yes, new babies are exciting, but let's not forget to celebrate the Big Sister or Big Brother too :)

These super soft American Apparel t-shirts come in Sunshine Yellow, Grass Green, Powder Pink & Light Blue. Sizes: 2, 4 & 6. Contact me for more information - I'd be happy to answer your questions!


  1. That's a terrific idea. I hope you'll be promoting them big-time at your next show!