Think Outside The Box

As some of you are well aware, the whole "handmade/homemade" movement is taking the world by storm. You can read about the "Buy Handmade" pledge HERE. I think it's worth giving some thought about it. I am just starting to venture into the fun idea of 'homemade' gifts. When my girls go to birthday parties, do I need to buy a meaningless $10 gift from Walmart for them to bring to the party? No! So, I've started to try to be creative and give gifts with meaning.

My oldest daughter just gifted her friend with the tote bag above. We had fun with the Sweet Tweet Bird applique and personalizing it with the birthday girls name! Among the other things I have been creating, I also embroidered a shirt for a friends sweet new baby and paired it with a super cute knit hat from RockaByeBebe.

My challenge to you today: when thinking about Christmas shopping, try to think outside the box and give a gift that is meaningful. By the way, 66 more days until Christmas, when we celebrate the amazing gift of Jesus :)