Mango 101

 We have been eating a lot of mango's around here lately.
A lot.
So many, in fact, 
that I started bragging, just a little,
about how I have mastered cutting a mango
with very little wasted. 

Then I got asked to share what I've learned.
I'm no mango-oligist, 
but here's how I do it...

 1. Peel the mango.

 (this is THE best peeler around, I use it for everything)

 2. Hold the mango like so, 
and cut beside the pit on either side.

 You'll end up with 2 huge chunks of yummy fruit, 
and a skinny piece containing the pit.

 See? Side view.

 3. Take the 'pit' section and trim off two side pieces.

 Then cut up your mango in cubes or slices...
really, it doesn't matter...
Pure deliciousness.


  1. where did you find your amazing peeler?? I have so many troubles with peelers!

  2. My kids also LOVE mangos...but beware, they stain!

  3. to be honest, i can't quite remember where i got the peeler! sorry!! if i were to guess, i'd say i picked it up at Canadian Tire actually...but again, i'm not totally sure. i've had it for years, and it's been used SO MUCH and still works great.

  4. interesting, terry! i didn't know that!!

  5. I grew up eating mango & love it! My Filipino father taught us how to cut them. You slice the mango exactly as you did but with the peel on. Then you dice the flesh of the side pieces but not all the way through to the peel. Next, turn the peels inside out and scoop out your diced cut cubes. Cut the middle part with the seed exactly as you did. If you just want sliced pieces you can just slice the sides & turn inside out & scoop. Mmmmm, mangoes! I'll have to grab some for the store today!

  6. Here's a video for the visual of what I meant:

  7. :) Hi Joanna! I've done it that way as well, it's fun! With my girls though, I have found this to be easier for them...I can just push the cutting board to them across the island and they can snack on the mango quickly and easily...isn't it fin when fruit is like candy?!