Madelyn's Room

Madelyn's room is a pretty shade of purple,
Sarah Richardson's 'dusk' to be exact
(remember this, I ♥ Sarah Richardson?!)
and the ceiling is 'oyster',
from that same palette.

I love special, personal touches
and the quilt on her bed is just that.
It was lovingly made by Grammy Jo.
I think it keeps the room fun,
while the chandelier adds class.

Her pillow case shows
another personal touch :)
along with a handmade doll.

Here is Madda looking out her window.
I think she forgot that she had one,
as I have had the black out curtains
closed for weeks now.
(hey, they helped her sleep past 6:30am
on the bright sunny summer mornings!)

There's a little peek of the window.

And, a close-up of the curtains.
Yep, you may recognize
that fabric as I sometimes
use the scraps in
my Cotton Cupcake shoppe (as in here or maybe here)

And here's a peek into
Ms.Madelyn's spacious closet.
So much space for so many little clothes!

I have lots of plans for her bare walls,
but 6 little framed owls do reside
on one of the walls.
I found some cheap decals at Kohl's
and stuck them in Ikea frames.
I love the clean & crisp look
of the white frames and how
the owls are bursting with color.
I'm glad she likes owls
just like her Momma!
She even wants an owl birthday party
when she turns 3 in November! YAY!


  1. so cute. I love those owls!! And that closet is amazing! I want that closet!

  2. Agree...that closet is ADORABLE. My favorite!

  3. Thanks ladies!! It just so happened that we put our bathroom is such a place that worked out well for a large walk in closet. I am a firm believer that closets can never be TOO big!

  4. You should add another part to your business....home decorating!!You have such a good knack for colors!!

  5. Can I hire you to decorate my home? I love seeing all the personal touches you've put into your new home!

    What a lucky little girl to have such a nice closet!