My Workspace

We moved into our new house
almost 5 months ago.
Along with our new house,
came a new workshop!

I just hung this
yellow clock today,
so I figured it was time
for some pictures.

This window is one of 4 that brings such
beautiful natural light.
My new workshop is a far cry from the
dimly-lit basement that I used to work out of.
I am still pinching myself,
hoping that this is for real :)

As a house warming gift,
a few of my
sweet friends

gifted me with
this awesome sign!

I love it!!
And it's handy, too.

Did you notice the paper on the clip on the above pic said "hang chalkboard"? That was taken back in June. Here's the hanging chalkboard. It feels good to accomplish things on of the 'to-do' list :)

I purchased this neat
little organizer
at Michaels.
The plain white backing just
wasn't cutting it for me,
so I added a fabric piece to the back.
I forgot to take 'before & after' pics,
but trust me -- much better!

My lovely business cards,
thanks to the lovely Kathy
at The Modern Polkadot.

Here is my packaging station.
It doesn't always look this neat & tidy,
but I found a sign that said:
"Creativity is Messy, and I am very creative"
HA! Love that!

A few of my 300+
spools of thread :)
I heart color.

Window ledge,
with a valuable reminder.

lovingly sorted
by my daughter
Hailey :)

Next up,
making these jars even prettier
by adding some ribbon to the lids.
That's a winter project though :)

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