Going Bananas!

"Add Monkey Designs"
has been on my to-do list for WAY too long!
There has always been many requests
for monkey 'stuff'
and I hope this satisfies :)

Baby Knot Hat,
for your little monkey!

PS - For 2 DAYS ONLY (Oct.11 & 12th/2010)
use the coupon code "GO BANANA'S" upon checkout
and receive $2 off this monkey hat!!
(You will be refunded by PayPal
after your payment has been made.)
You can buy the hat HERE.


  1. okay my dear. instead of overloading you with all my christmas orders, i will just order a little at a time. could i please have that little white hat with a monkey and the words:"spunky monkey" on it? thanks.

  2. Why yes, yes you can. That would be cute! I'll add it to the 'orders' spreadsheet :) Thanks Sherri!