Hellllllo Birthday Girl

My middle daughter was invited
to a Hello Kitty birthday party
this afternoon.
She decided that the birthday girl
needed her own personalized bag,
so I got right to work!

Birthday girl - on the left.
Middle daughter - on the right :)

One last look at the embroidery on the bag.

And, one last look
at the birthday girl!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Leah!


  1. AAWWWW!!! This is so cute! You are such a precious friend Amber. My girl was so proud of her bag she filled it with all her build-a-bear stuff and brought it to the farm to show Omi and everyone else she came in contact with! I should have taken a picture of her sleeping with her Hello Kitty shirt and her bag clutched tight in her sleeping hand. Love you!

  2. SOOO cute. Prettiest 3 yr old princess. That is what Grandma KNOWS!!!!
    Great job on the bag and the picture, Amber.