Cupcake Stamps!

When I saw these
amazing cupcake stamps
while browsing the STAMPERSAURUS STUDIO , they instantly made their way into my heart. And then, a few glorious days later, they made their way into my home :)
Last night my sister & I got crafty and put those stamps to good use, making bags!! It was a lot of fun -- my first time using stamps actually! I may be hooked.

Here is the finished product!

When my sister arrived,
she showed me these
three stamps from
her stash.

Can you believe she never told me she had them??? She left them at my house last night.

Do you think she'll ever be getting them back?! shhh. Don't tell her I said that.

(ps - my lovely friend Gina revealed the lovely cupcake cookie jar to me. it also made its way into my heart & home.)


  1. I have a set of cupcake plates that match your cupcake cookie jar. They are so cute. where did you get the cookie jar? I should add it to my collection.

  2. Love the cupcake stamps!! The cupcake cookie jar is pretty neat too!

  3. Kara - Those cupcake plates sound wonderful! I'd love to see them some day. The cookie jar is from Pier 1 on Portage. I had to hunt it down. Yes you SHOULD add it to your collection. Everyone should own one of these ;)

    Peters - Sounds like you like cupcakes as much as I do! Hmmmm, do I know which 'Peters' you are?!!

  4. Amber - those cupcake plates Kara is talking about are also in the picture on my blog where you saw the jar! I bet you had to hunt it down. I LOVE those bags, my friend makes some just like those but with a different stamp. ;)

  5. hmm, i wonder if I would notice if I never got them back...I had a lot of fun with you making them!