In an attempt to provide a more
subtle type of personalization,
I've been experimenting with
applique monograms.
Next chance I get,
I'm hitting up the fabric store for some
material so I can
get started with some
masculine creations :)
But for now,
enjoy these girlie styles
of pink paisley & purple polka-spots!


  1. Anber - wonderful to "meet" you too. You are one talented lady to be raising three AND cranking out all this cute stuff! Love it - ALL of it!

    ESPECIALLY the monogrammed stuff! Im wild about my childs name in monogram, but its hard to find a style that is "boy-ish" enough for my, GREAT idea!

    WIll be fun to keep up with eachothers blogs. Thanks for the encouragement! Hope your days get easier and that you find such joy in the hugs of your little ones. You're doing a GREAT job!!